3: Christmas 2021 – Did you buy tickets for our April 2020 concert ?

Glasgow Phoenix Choir is looking forward to a return to the concert hall for our annual Christmas concert, which is scheduled for Friday 17th December, 2021. Tickets will go on sale soon.

For anyone who bought tickets for our cancelled April 2020 spring concert only: if you purchased tickets from the concert hall, you may either have received a refund already or been offered the opportunity to ‘carry forward’ your ticket purchase. If neither of these has happened, you would need to contact Glasgow Royal Concert Hall directly.  

If you purchased tickets from a member of the choir, we can replace the April 2020 tickets for same price tickets for December 2021 or, if you prefer or are unable to attend,we can offer you a full refund. Please contact the person through whom you purchased your tickets and let them know your preferred option.