Join Us!

What kind of membership?

At the moment, we have three kinds of membership:-

  • Singers
  • Associate Members
  • Patrons


The choir is always keen to enlist singers. It isn’t necessary to be able to read music (though obviously it helps) and many members rely on recording rehearsals to learn their particular lines. We’re a friendly bunch and will give assistance where required! To learn more, click here.

Associate Members

Well, just exactly what is an “Associate Member” and why would you want to be one?

Associate Membership was suggested initially for former members who, for one reason or another, could no longer sing as members but is now open to anyone who wishes to be part of the choir but is too scared to sing! For full details of benefits click here.


Current Patron membership entitles our Patrons to two tickets for our Spring and Christmas concerts at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall together with other benefits, which include invitations to our GRCH post-concert receptions. To learn more, click here.