Our sponsors

A word about our sponsors:

Co-op Funeralcare has sponsored the choir since 2007. This sponsorship has led to a wide variety of benefits to the choir itself but has extended well into the community beyond.

How we benefit from sponsorship:

The direct benefits to the choir include the purchase of new concert dresses and jackets for choir members. Anyone who has attended one of our concerts will be aware that we are always smartly turned out. You will also have been impressed, we hope, by the beautifully produced programmes, prepared by our choir business manager, but funded by Co-op Funeralcare.

Although we are often able to take advantage of pianos, organs or keyboards owned by establishments where we perform, it is often essential to transport our own musical equipment. This used to be done by a few willing choir members – the ones with larger cars – but is now the job of one of our tenors, who drives our van, supplied by Co-op Funeralcare, to all concert and recording venues. The van also carries staging, which we make regular use of and which was also supplied by our sponsors. In addition, some of our sponsorship money is used to help fund recordings.

One of the main benefits we gain is the ability to take on a wide range of concerts which support many charities, large and small, across (mainly) the whole of Scotland. For all concerts, we supply posters, programmes and tickets sponsored by Co-op Funeralcare; many of our concerts incur a charge to cover our costs but, because of our sponsorship, we can perform many concerts free of charge, meaning that the charities supported gain even more. Thus, Co-op Funeralcare sponsorship benefits a wide range of local charities, health care organisations, the hospice association, youth groups and church organisations across the country. In 2015, the choir sang to audiences totalling in excess of 12,000 people. As well as allowing the choir to sing in some amazing settings, we have also recorded a number of CDs which allow organisations to raise even more funds for their ventures. In early 2016 we released two CDs which will raise funds for The Italian Chapel and St Magnus Cathedral on Orkney and, later in 2016 we recorded and launched a CD of Scottish songs for St. Andrew’s Hospice in Lanarkshire.

And what do Co-op Funeralcare get back from us?

We are asked to make our sponsorship known to the public and to wear, on occasion, an appropriately coloured scarf or bowtie. They did also ask us to perform a concert at one of Glasgow’s Doors Open days a few years ago and at an in-house celebration at their headquarters in Manchester. In addition, we recorded two highly successful CDs at their request. Their titles, Songs of Solace and Songs of Comfort, sum up both their content and intention. As we all love singing, we were delighted to agree to all of these. Their main request to the choir is that we sing as often as we like, wherever we like for the benefit of the wider community and that we give back, on their behalf, an amount of money equal to their contribution to us.

And for all of that, we dedicate this page to Co-op Funeralcare in thanks for all they do for us.