An excerpt from Peter Mooney’s Foreword to a concert in October 1961…..

Picture of Choir from 1961Peter Mooney and the choir, 1961

We are, however, well aware of our continued contact through the medium of radio and recording, and it has afforded us great encouragement to realise how many good friends and well-wishers followed our progress in the recent B.B.C. Competition, “Let the People Sing.” We also know you have enjoyed our first long-playing record, “Road to the Isles,” and we are now very happy to say that within the next two months there will be issued a further two long-playing and also two extended-playing records. We have been, you will agree, not without task.

picture of Peter Mooney, ConductorProgramme signed by choir members 1961
Mr Mooney and a programme signed by choir members

On Tour in Germany, 1961

Picture of Choir at Cologne CathedralKöln (Cologne) Cathedral

Choir Members at Remscheidt, GermanyPicture of Choir Members in Germany 1961

On tour in Ireland, 1967

On tour in Ireland, 1967

Civic Reception in Glasgow, 1962

Picture of ticket to Civic Reception in Glasgow

Picture of Album Cover Scotland in Song
One of many recordings the choir made in the 1960s, Scotland in Song.

The Iona Boat Song, 1969