Everyone Sang

Everyone Sang

1966, Waverly ZLP 2073

The reputation of the Glasgow Phoenix Choir, now in its 15th year, is well established, and with the issue of “Everyone Sang” – their seventh L.P. record -the public appeal of the Choir will be still further enhanced. The Phoenix ranges widely in its choice of music and in all its programmes has included, as a special feature, some of the lovely gems of folk song.

A choir, of course, is more than a group of singing enthusiasts. It is a family in the largest and best sense, displaying the ties of friendship and loyalty, sympathy in troubled times and happiness and laughter for the social occasions.

The Phoenix is perhaps a travelling family, maintaining annual concerts in large cities like London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, etc., and it is on these journeys that this friendly spirit is at its closest and best. For the Phoenix members, singing is a vital part of life itself, and it is this vital urge which emerges in all their singing and which, of course, has been responsible for winning many premier singing awards, such as at Cork International Festival and the B.B.C. International Competition.

In recent years, the Choir has become known in West Germany and has just completed a second very successful tour, which extended from Remscheid, south to Heidelberg, providing the singers with the opportunity of being not only ambassadors in song, but, as was said by the British Consul in Dusseldorf after one of the concerts: “Ambassadors for all that is good and sincere in the Scottish way of life”.


  1. Everyone Sang
  2. On Himalay
  3. Sailing Song
  4. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  5. Dance to Your Daddy
  6. Give Praise and Thanks
  7. Birthday Song for a Royal Child
  8. O Mary Don’t You Weep
  9. Ho-La-Hi
  10. My Old Kentucky Home
  11. Autumn
  12. Wilt Thou Be My Dearie
  13. The Ould Lammas Fair
  14. Aye She Kaimed Her Yellow Hair
  15. How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings